Sustainable Design

Buildings consume so many of our precious resources, with specialty buildings like healthcare facilities consuming as much as three times the energy of the average office building. This not only drains our limited resources, it also costs a considerable amount of money to maintain and manage these facilities.

Building owners recognize the monetary, social and environmental costs of inefficient buildings and want designs that will help both their buildings and their businesses be sustainable and more efficient. Good engineering design dramatically reduces resource consumption and energy cost over the life of the building. It is our standard to integrate sustainable practices into all of our building designs, whether or not the building is to be certified by LEED® or the government’s EnergyStar program.

We are experts in many sustainable practices including:

  • Green building materials and systems
  • Alternative energy sources
  • High-Efficiency Lighting and Controls
  • Energy Recovery
  • Water Conservation
  • High Performance Building Design
  • Energy Modeling
  • EnergyStar benchmarking
  • LEED certified design